Why partner with Zion Funding?

Zion isn’t like other lenders.  Zion will pay you to finance your customers!  Ask us about our revenue building platform and let us show you the value that we can bring to you and your company. Zion will handle the end user 100%. No more collecting documents or selling term and payment, we will handle the financing process from start to finish so that you can do what you do best; sales. Tired of calling a generic number to get an answer back on pending deals? Zion will assign a dedicated representative to your account.  Contact your representative day or night with any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the process.  Zion will do whatever it takes to earn your business and develop a long lasting trusted relationship.

Give us a call or fill out our vendor application to become a valued partner and let Zion Funding serve as a trusted asset for you and your customers.

Vendor Information

Zion Financial & Leasing, LLC has a driven purpose to ensure a turnkey solution for business owners needing customer financing. Zion Financial takes on full responsibility from application to equipment delivery. Zion Financial maintains complete and constant communication between vendor and customer throughout the entire financing/funding process. Zion Financial believes in customer service as the No. 1 priority to every customer we provide financial services to during and even after funding on equipment being purchased. Zion Financial creates an opportunity for sales growth as well as allowing companies to do what they do best, selling equipment, and allowing a trustworthy, professional team of underwriters to take care of all the numbers and paperwork for your end user. No matter what industry, or how large or small a transaction may seem to be, Zion Financial & Leasing can help your business grow as well as give you the professional finance solution you have always desired for your business and your company’s clients.

Revenue Building Platform

It’s very important to know that Zion Financial has no obligations to ever ask any of our vendors for any investment, or buy down rate for our services at any point of time throughout our business relationship. In fact, Zion Financial & Leasing, LLC provides a revenue share on every single transaction funded through our financing program to your clients on every single deal! Your clients will not have rates or monthly payments increased in order for us to provide a bonus/revenue share. Zion Financial simply gives back 1.5 percent of the funded transaction amount directly back to the business. This allows Zion Financial to gain added value and credibility to the vendor by wanting to use us a preferred finance solution to their clients over our competitors.

Instant Financing – APP TO FUNDING in less than 5 minutes!!!  For any transaction $500 – $15,000.

  • Instant credit approvals, no pending status or waiting
  • NO hard credit pull, soft inquires only which will not affect your customers credit
  • Largest credit window in the industry…we approve more customers than anyone!
  • Affordable, fixed monthly payments with 30 days deferred loan payment
  • App to Funding in less than 5 minutes!!  Close a sales call with a customer as well as their financing in one call!
  • Instant funding to you as the vendor

Instant Credit Application Submission for all Transactions exceeding $15,000

Zion Financial has one goal for all of our vendors: Do not lose the sale. Time kills more deals than anything, so Zion Financial has a solution to increasing deal flow and decreasing downtime for the buyer. Credit applications can be white labeled to your companies’ specifications at no cost. Allowing the credit application to be filled out on a vendor’s website ensures two things:

  • Speed – It’s a simpler and easier way for the customer to apply (No lost time between the phone call and app being emailed and returned by the customer)
  • Convenience – Salesmen or Sales Reps do not have the hassle of sending paperwork or calling us to pass on the customer’s info. All information is automatically sent in real time to your assigned or preferred business development officer at Zion Financial.
  • Pre-funding and funding transactions – There are important aspects Vendors require when funding a transaction, and Zion Financial ensures all equipment will be paid for either through ACH or overnight check before the equipment is shipped or delivered to the customer. Some companies not having a full calendar year of operations will not qualify for 100 percent pre-funding. However, they can proceed with either 50 percent or 75 percent pre-funding, and then upon delivery of the equipment the vendor will receive the remaining portion of funds and will be allocated the remaining portion after the equipment has been delivered to the client.

Help on becoming a vendor with Zion Financial:

-Please call Robert Jenkins at (206) 941 7455 or Jordan Robinson at (847) 800 7774

– Inquiry Email: Admin@ZionFunding.net

Get started with equipment financing with Zion Financial & Leasing today!!

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