Why Zion Funding?

Zion has a dedicated team of experts to ensure that we supply you with the funds you need at the lowest cost.  From our creative efforts to make sure that we find a solution that will fit your budget, to our expertise when it comes to tax season to walk you through the benefits that we will qualify you for, let our team work to put you and your company in a position to succeed.

Are you currently renting equipment?

Often times an equipment rental seems like your only option if you have challenged credit. The unfortunate reality is that rental expenses are far greater than a monthly payment that you could expect when making a purchase. You wouldn’t rent a home if you could afford to buy.  At Zion we’re here to show you that you can afford to make a commercial expenditure without breaking the bank. Zion will work to get you approved even if you’ve already been declined for traditional financing with a payment that you can afford.

Need some help to support your operating costs?

No problem! Zion will supply you with the working capital to get your start-up off the ground or fund your next expansion.

Why take advantage of a lease-purchase?

Leasing is widely used in the corporate arena when making large commercial expenditures and is becoming increasingly more common for small businesses.  As a small business owner, it is important to understand all the benefits that come along with making a lease purchase.  Zion aims to educate you on the tax deductions that we will qualify you for so that you can save money come tax season.